What to expect?

Although the process is usually a bit more complex than it seems, but don’t worry, we will go through it here.

Everything begins with a plan. Either you already have made a plan on how the production will go, or we will plan the detail together. From when and where to who and how. It is important to figure out how we can bring your vision into life before we rush ourselves into shooting anything in order to be more efficient to save you time and money.

Once you have made your deposit, we will start planning. Depending on which type of project are you bringing to us, a script might be necessary. Like for short film or music videos, a script or a storyboard could be very helpful to ensure the production will go as planned, and we don’t miss any important scene and find ourselves stuck with that in the editing process.

After some basic planning is done, we will have to find you everything that’s required, like actors, crew, location and equipments if we don’t already have them.

With all the preparation is done, it’s time to shoot the video/photos. The filming process would usually take around 3-4 hours, but depends on the content you required, it might even take up to days to finish shooting if it’s a bigger project.

After we have all the footages we need, we will start working on editing them to piece together the first draft, second draft and the final draft.

*pre-production processes varies depending on the project type.

Please note that:

Deposit is due when the booking is confirmed (50% of the estimate total cost shown in the invoice)

First edit will be delivered after the second payment is made (25% of the estimate total cost shown in the invoice)

Second edit will be delivered after the third payment is made (25% of the estimate total cost shown in the invoice)

And the third/final edit will be delivered without extra cost, unless any additional revision is requested after the third edit will be charged at £60per/hour.

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