Video Production Projects

Here are my past projects during the two years.

LearnCCTV Courses Promo (2022)

  • Courses Promo

LearnCCTV Promo Video, a brief overview of what it is like to learn how to install CCTV.

Freedom Media Start-up Promo (2022)

  • Business Overview
  • Promo

Freedom media start-up promo video, a video introducing the new project by Brandon.

Yodayma (2021)

  • Product Video

There are two 30 seconds videos in two different styles. One is bright and sunshine, and the other

Gaff & Go (2021)

  • Commercial/Mini Doc

This is the complete mini doc of the Transgender wear brand Gaff & Go.

Teach Me How To Love (2021)

  • Music Video

This is a Music Video/Short Film that I made collaborating with a musician during this summer.

The Last Piece (2019)

  • Short Film

The short film I have made when the pandemic first started.

Let There Be Back in Black (2019)

  • Mini Doc

A mini Doc of how the band Back in Black get started.

Reach out with your ideas then I can film it!

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