Let’s film your idea and put it on the screen!

Film Production Service

Music Video

  • We will plan out everything with you from writing screenplay, storyboarding, to filming everything, to editing.
  • The filming process will be straight and easy, we will make sure all we have all the footages we need for the video.

Feature Film

  • We will handle the camera on the filming day and make sure all the footages are good for editing.
  • We will also stitch your footage together to create the film that we worked so hard for, and we will make sure that your effort will not go to waste.

Independent Short Film

  • No need to worry that a smaller budget will get less from us, we will treat this just as good as a feature film.
Soli & Andy Wedding Highlight (short)

The filming day

Before we move on to the sweet stuff, please do send us your script, so we can understand better on what’s your expectation.

The filming process will be straight forward, we shoot.

Let’s make your vision comes to life!

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