Business Videos

Congratulations for moving to the next stage of your business!

Custom Video Production

Our services is designed to cover your business different needs, so let’s see what we can do for you!

Business Overview Video

  • To introduce your business to any potential customers
  • Emphasize the strength of your service/product
  • Show that you care about your customers
  • Usually last around 2-5 minutes

Social Media Video

  • Tailored for social media used
  • Be active on social media to get more exposure
  • Each one usually last around 60-90 seconds


  • A longer form video that let you show what your business does
  • Interviews with customers to show how your business make a different
  • Usually last around 10-20 minutes
Soli & Andy Wedding Highlight (short)
Soli & Andy Wedding Highlight (short)

The process

The process depends on what you need for the video.

From planning, script writing, casting actors, locations scouting, to filming and editing could take up to several weeks, but we aim to finish it as fast as we can.

Let’s take your business to the next level!

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