Half-Impulse Media Production specialized in producing promo video for Business/Brand, either it’s a local small business or a personal brand, we can help level up our game by producing quality contents for your marketing strategy.

I am…

a Manchester based videographer, originally from Hong Kong, moved to Texas for my degree in Media Arts and Psychology between 2017-2021. I have come to Manchester after I graduating from Uni. I am fluent in Cantonese, able to speak in Mandarin but I personally prefer using English overall.

Although I am specialized in videography, I am happy to do more than just that. Social content design, product photography, portrait photography. I am bringing you a very broad all-in-one full service, so you don’t have to hassle spending more money on hiring extra man for the same project. If there is any work is somewhat related to content creating, get in touch!

And I love traveling, so please do not hesitate only because you are not in this area!

What Do I Do?

Business to Business (B2B)

Video content, Photoshoot, Social Media Post, anything that help you grow your business or your brand in from the media aspect, you can find it here.

We are providing a complete service from:

Pre-production (Planning, Scripting, gathering the crew, finding locations…etc)

Production (Filming)

Post-production (Editing, adding visual/sound effects…etc)

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